Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Mandy Hale 

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Eat food from farmers markets.
Drink good tea each morning.
Read books that make you feel.
Paint, even if you’re awful.
Write, even when you have nothing to say.
Sit in the fresh air outside.
Go on hikes.
Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
Sleep as long as you need.
Work hard at what you love.
Work hard at what you hate.

Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

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There is something beautiful about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what He is doing.

Donald Miller (via emotional-algebra)

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

David Brooks (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

Anonymous asked
favourite quotes/poems about loving yourself? I'm in serious need of some self love but I don't know where to start.


"I am a fucking earth .
My heart doesn’t beat .
It quakes .
Fuck you . I love me .”
—“Chest Quakes” by Joseph Cook

"…and he said: you pretty full of yourself ain’t chu so she replied: show me someone not full of herself
and i’ll show you a hungry person.”
—nikki giovanni, “a poem for a lady whose voice i like”

“‘You look invincible,’ my mother said one night.
I loved these times, when we seemed to feel the same thing. I turned to her, wrapped in my thin gown, and said:
I am.”
—from “The Lovely Bones”

"You can wipe your feet on me, twist my motives around all you like, you can dump millstones on my head and drown me in the river, but you can’t get me out of the story. I’m the plot, babe, and don’t ever forget it."
—Margaret Atwood, Good Bones

"Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am."
—Janelle Monáe

"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."
—Francheska, of ‘Hey Fran Hey’

" …choose to believe in your own myth
your own glamour
your own spell
a young woman who does this
(even if she is just pretending)
has everything.”
—Francesca Lia Block, How to (Un)cage a Girl

"She survived whatever happened;
she forgave; she became.”
—W.H. Auden, “The Model”

Love is
checking my pulse and
finding your heartbeat

the Reader’s Digest version, w.k. (via bombsinyourbones)

I can’t un-know the monsters
but I can become the person
who would have saved
thirteen-year-old me.

my sadness is not
a cut for you to bandage
and it is not
a bruise for you to kiss

i am not waiting
for you to save me
i am hoping you will love me
while i rescue myself

Anonymous asked
How many books must a man buy a girl before they may date and live happily ever after?


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